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We stock Kent-Moore tools and other dealership tools that were previously owned!  Yes, those hard to find tools that do specialized repairs to a vehicle that dealership technicians use. The right tool can reduce your repair time and stop repeat repairs. The proper tool will ease in assembly.  Obsolete tools are our specialty, although we have current tools also!

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Most tools were previously owned by a closed dealership.  Tools marked NEW appear UNUSED

Mazda tools are added to Mazda, Alfa Page

J tool listings include AMC tools, Yes American Motors!

Because AMC merged with Renault in the '80's and then was sold to Chrysler, Renault and Miller tools will be listed on separate pages.  AMC used a VW - Audi engine for a short time and so did Plymouth in the Horizon!  AMC tools will be included in the Kent Moore - GM tools as there is no way to seperate them! Both used the "J" designation at  the start of the tool.  AMC tools may not have a description, information on tools as it is very difficult to find!    

Nissan/Infinity Tools can also be among GM tools as Kent Moore was the Supplier for them also.  I picked up a few Saab tools!

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We now have J-41425 A/C Tube Repair Kit Replacement Fittings and Tools!  Click on the tab in the site menu for more information!

Have a broken head on your J-36660 Torque Angle Meter?  We now have replacement heads and can replace your head!


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